Join us in 2020 for a great Mighty Men’s Conference

updates will be posted until then stay strong Men.

We pray and hope that something is read or said through this page that will help you as men and the struggles we face in our Society.  When God gave us this vision of Mighty Men’s Conference in 2009, we had no idea the impact it would have on men and their lives.  This vision transpired due to fact that my life had been changed through a mens conference that I had attended. I was believing what the radio, television and media of this world was telling me I was, and then I heard a minister tell me what God said I was, then read His Word, and now we are in the place to reach men from different back grounds and inspiring them to see what God said…not man…but God. Hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact us through email with prayer request and testimonies.
Please check back for details on conferences
and new audio being added.
Be blessed and remember, God has made YOU to be A Mighty Man!!

Pastor James Tipton