Our Mission

We are dedicated to modeling and replicating manhood. Our mission is to build confidence, boldness and enthusiasm in men to serve Christ with a passion and to equip men to overcome the challenges they are confronted with on a daily basis in order to make a difference in the Kingdom. Mighty men brings men together as enthusiastic role models, eager to share their experiences with other men and train young men in discipleship and leadership skills

Our Vision

It is our vision to see men following hard after God with integrity and humility being transformed into “God’s Man,” uncompromising in their beliefs, unashamed of the Gospel, sharing their faith with boldness, modeling Biblical manhood in their homes, churches, community and the world.

Our Core Values

• The Lost Are Welcomed

• God Is Praised and Worshipped

• The Word Is Taught

• Sinners Are Converted

• Grace Is Affirmed

• Love Is Bestowed

• Encouragement Is Given

• Prayer Is Offered

• Trust Is Granted
• Risk Is Taken

• Mercy Is Shown

• Miracles Are Believed

• Joy Is Expressed

• Fellowship is Authentic

• Integrity is Integral

• Accountability Rendered

• Restoration of the Saints

• Family First

• Deliberate Discipleship

• Transparency is Intentional

Our Strategy

Remaining on the cutting edge of the needs awareness for men of all ages and to develop plans within God's plans to help men rise to their destiny! Our strategy is to impact men for Christ through…Reaching, Teaching, Training and Releasing.